To get rid of the alcohol breath, there are only two sure ways. The first is to kill the characteristic smell with something more vigorous. The second is to speed up the process of removing alcohol decay products from the body. Unfortunately, none of them (as well as both together) will not help get rid of the alcohol breaths quickly. If you need to get behind the wheel, then there is one more bad news for you: the breathalyzer determines not the smell, and therefore your fresh breath is up to the light bulb. What can’t be said about the traffic inspector.

Alcohol breath chemistry in a nutshell

Alcohol breath is the smell of a substance that appears in the body as a result of the oxidation of ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages. It's called acetaldehyde. Denoted by the formula C2H3CHO. As follows.

Acetaldehyde molecule
Acetaldehyde molecule

For comparison, ethanol is denoted by the well-known formula C2H5OH, but it looks like this.

Ethanol molecule
Ethanol molecule

The ethanol taken the day before is oxidized, resulting in acetaldehyde gas and water. The substance is considered a poison, that is, not a useful product for the body. For this reason, he tries in every possible way to get rid of him, using three organs:

Actually, because of this, a person has, first of all, a characteristic smell from the mouth. Acetaldehyde, which is removed by the body in the urine, is much more audible. But this one doesn't really interest us. The skin also smells, but only if you sweat profusely.

Is it possible to drive with alcohol breaths?


Breathalyzer measures odor
Breathalyzer measures odor

Not! Moreover, even if you successfully got rid of the smell by any of the methods proposed below, this does not mean at all that there is no alcohol in the body, and the breathalyzer will not show anything bad. In general, if you do not try to get rid of the alcohol breath, then it will be present as long as there is acetaldehyde in the blood. To find out how long, use the alcohol weathering calculator.

You should know it! The smell of alcohol should not be confused with alcohol. These are as different things as firewood and ash. However, it is difficult to get rid of either one or the other. And some types of alcohol have a particularly pronounced and persistent smell, which is caught a mile away. Keep this in mind if you decide to "sip" beer, tequila or bourbon.

How to find out if there is alcohol breath?

A good fume is felt even if you do not breathe
A good fume is felt even if you do not breathe

Unlike the other symptoms of a hangover—headache, nausea, weakness—it’s impossible to feel your own alcohol breaths. There are three ways to find out if you have one:

  1. “Breathe” on someone who hasn’t used it just now. If you drink a lot, then you don’t need to breathe. Just being nearby is enough.
  2. Check on the alcohol calculator at the link above. If it shows some time, then you definitely have alcohol breath.
  3. Use a breathalyzer - if it shows ppm, then there is alcohol breath.

So, from the theory we turn to the question - how to get rid of the alcohol breaths.

How to get rid of the alcohol breaths?

As mentioned at the very beginning, there are two methods:

  1. Kill the smell.
  2. Accelerate the elimination of poison from the body.

Each method has its own proven methods, which will be discussed further.

Ways to get rid of the smell

It is impossible to remove the fuse. It can only be disguised
It is impossible to remove the fuse. It can only be disguised

It is very difficult to remove the characteristic smell of alcohol breaths for two reasons. Firstly, it will be renewed until the body completely gets rid of the poison accumulated in it. Secondly, acetaldehyde is an acid gas. Therefore, it has a sharp, strong, persistent smell. To kill him, you need something more vigorous:

  1. Toothpaste. It helps only in cases where the hangover is in the last stages, and the amber is not strong. It is clear that toothpaste should be used such that tears well up. It is advisable to brush your teeth at least twice in a row. In such cases, a brush will be very useful, on the back of which there are combs for cleaning the tongue.
  2. Mouthwash. It helps much worse than brushing your teeth twice, but it enhances the effect if applied after. In addition, mouthwash is more convenient than a toothbrush. You can take it with you and re-refresh yourself outside the bathroom.
  3. Chewing gum. Gives literally a two-minute effect. And even then, not always. In addition, experienced motorists strongly do not recommend chewing gum during a traffic inspector. For them, this is a suspicious signal.
  4. Coffee. A very controversial way to get rid of the alcohol breaths, which is mentioned wherever this topic is touched upon. It really has a strong smell that can cope with the alcohol breath. But the problem is that acetaldehyde is found in coffee beans, as the well-known encyclopedia tells us.
  5. Garlic. It copes very well with the alcohol breaths, however, it has its own characteristic smell, which is liked only by those who use it. In addition, if you, as a driver, smell garlic for a kilometer, this is another signal for the traffic inspector. And there is logic in this. What adequate person will eat garlic in the morning, before work or study?
  6. Bow. Very, very weak in the fight against alcohol, and almost always loses to him. But you also need to eat onions. In a decent amount.
  7. Bay leaf. It contains powerful essential oils, but it is quite difficult to use it in dried form.
  8. Carnation. Dried spice. If you chew it, a characteristic smell lingers in your mouth for several minutes. But, like a bay leaf, it is inconvenient and ineffective.
  9. Black pepper. On a par with other spices, it allows you to slightly interrupt the smell of alcohol breaths, but only if it is not strong. And you have to be careful with pepper - it burns.
  10. Pharmacy funds. There are some that help to cope with headaches and nausea. But there are also those that work like chewing gum. Oh yes, but they are much more expensive.

Using these methods, do not forget the main thing - the funds listed do not last long, and with a strong alcohol breath they are generally useless. In addition, they do not eliminate the source of the alcohol breath.

Ways to speed up the removal of poisons from the body

The body will get rid of the fumes on its own, but it can be helped
The body will get rid of the fumes on its own, but it can be helped

A much more effective method of getting rid of alcohol breaths is to help your own body quickly remove the same acetaldehyde. Unlike simply interrupting the smell, this approach will kill three birds with one stone. First, the alcohol breath will disappear, since its source will be eliminated. Secondly, the breathalyzer will not show ppm. And, thirdly, you will feel better and more cheerful.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Drink more. Like yesterday, only water, tea, dried fruit compote (coffee is also recommended, but given the above, probably not worth it). Acetaldehyde is highly soluble. And this means that with a large amount of liquid it will be easier for him to leave the body.
  2. Don't skip breakfast. Only here you need to act correctly so as not to aggravate the situation. Food should not be heavy. Traditional scrambled eggs, boiled chicken meat, vegetables.
  3. Add spicy. Mustard or pepper have an excellent ability to speed up the metabolism. And this is just what you need.
  4. Move on. Especially effective is any load that will make you sweat. Remember that the alcohol breath with sweat also comes out.
  5. Take a hot shower. Water procedures cleanse the pores of the skin, which, again, is in your favor. To maximize the effect, stand under a hot shower for a longer time to warm up the body properly. If after the procedures you dried yourself with a towel, and after half a minute there was sweat on your forehead, that's great.
  6. Breathe fresh air. With a lack of oxygen, the activity of the body is inhibited, which does not contribute to the removal of the poison. Therefore, either go for a walk, or at least open the windows (air conditioner on ≠ oxygen).
  7. Visit the steam room. If there is, of course, such an opportunity, then this is one of the best ways to get rid of the alcohol breaths really quickly.

It is also sometimes recommended to take a lot of activated charcoal. However, this is practically useless if the alcohol is no longer in the stomach. And in the morning, that's how it is.

VIDEO: how to get rid of alcohol breath

Brief summary

Since this resource is intended for motorists, only the following remains to be said as a result. Never try to deceive a car inspector or a breathalyzer using the methods suggested above. Especially those that relate to getting rid of the smell of alcohol breaths. This often ends in problems. If there are traces of alcohol in the body, you have nothing to do behind the wheel. No matter how pleasant and fresh your breath is. Good luck to all!